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to be LIVE!

My what a journey this has been to get this website up and live! Months have past since first we began working on it and my life (as I’m sure yours has) has changed and my intentions for the website with it. Hence this long delay…and yet, the road is perfect as it is, rocks and all. And heeding my own advice, I begin within.

Inside, I am feeling the pangs of birthing two classes here at the center  in Claremont. Having just finished a rich and deep class with the words of Emerson, Hopkins, and Troward acting as vehicles through which the students discovered their own secret selves, I am thrilled to begin two new classes written by two women I respect and admire unconditionally.

My dear friend Dr. Alice Bandy’s new book “What Your Money Wants To Teach You About Being Wealthy and Wise” is the basis for a 6 week class I am teaching, “The Consciousness of Wealth”.

Another deeply admired colleague of mine, Dr. Joan Steadman wrote a course in Practical Mysticism, using the work of Joel Goldsmith and Carolyn Myss as springboards into discovering the hidden mansions and deep pools within us where our Inner Mystic awaits.

That’s the world I’ll be engaging in the next couple of months and I am ready, willing, and oh so able to awaken more clearly, always remembering to begin within.

So these few days here at the end of March are the window in which I open the shutters of this site and witness its birth, understanding fully well that it, as you and I do, shall change and evolve and become something more in the process.

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JessieApril 3rd, 2012 at 9:36 pm

So glad to have your web presence live and fully finding its identity! You’re quite an inspiration, Reverend Ross. Looking forward to beginning Practical Mysticism on Thursday!

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