Ross Foti

Counting Down to Clarity

Gratitude can be a buzzword these days and yet it remains for me both a touchstone and a roadmap. So much has changed since I set foot upon this path. I’d like to say that my gratitude has been as constant as the changes that have come with it, and yet (sigh!) I can not.

And so what?

I have come to recognize process as the foundation of all structure, and in so doing now understand that gratitude too is a process.  How liberating is that? As we free ourselves from a need to be rigorously perfect in our growth, we free growth to occur with abandon, without regard for rules and rigid formulae. We proceed more perfectly than ever by simply dissolving our need to do it right. To be “this kind of grateful”.

Just as we hold myriad facets of ourselves within us, all of them gleaming and each of them refracting something precious, so too then must gratitude have its many facets, and perhaps like ours, its too become obscured by a day’s work or dimmed in a moment’s flash. The lineage of gratitude, like the lineage of humankind,  is richer than simply being good.

Clarity comes in waves as well. This month I am exploring clarity in a variety of modalities. Tonight I begin teaching The Consciousness of Wealth, and over the course of six weeks intend to adventure with the class into a block-busting romp through the labyrinth of our thinking about being wealthy and wise.

So today I simply allow the beauty of the day to guide me and the feeling of gratitude I have for all that is erupting in my life to engage me in active surrender. The countdown has begun…clarity arises in the east and shall not set in the west but spin upon stars and carry my heart in dreaming slumber upon the waves of the mystics, the call of the wild.


Posted on: Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 at 6:07 pm
Category: Church
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2 Responses to “Counting Down to Clarity”

Pat FromerMarch 2nd, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Rev. Ross,

YOu words in inspiring and heartfelt, I feel it. In this time of change, the center is truly blessed to have y ou part of it and I am so gratiful to have you in my spiritual life. You are an inspiration and I see your own growth and look forward to this continued growth process. I have been personally cracking eggs and working the process and look forward to more. Thank you again for everything you do and all the love you are projecting out into the universe.

RossMarch 2nd, 2013 at 12:25 pm

Ahhhh..Pat, so happy you are experiencing a rebirth of your truest essential expanded self! We are all mutually blessed to be with one another. Thank you for your graciousness from day one, through every conversation and your willingness to be transparently YOU! Happy March! March on!

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