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It’s a New Season, just like on TV!

Just like TV, the world keeps spinning new stories.  As does our lives. Within us lies a vast treasure house of ideas that storm the surface and recede, not unlike the hurricanes and “extreme climate events” appearing in our newsfeed each day.  It seems there is no aspect of our world that isn’t lashing against […]

Willing to Flow

For years I was concerned with how competent and perfect I presented myself as, regardless of who I was with and irrespective of occasion. It mattered most to me that I be perceived as having all the answers, being totally together, and not being seen as partially baked as in truth I am. This morning while meditating I […]

The beautiful road is open

    The beautiful road bends and opens in the morning light, curving with the water and fading into trees. Egrets and herons fish lazily in the lagoon unfazed by oncoming traffic. Rocks remind me of where I once lived and where I now reside: nel cuore mio. Without reservation and with a boldness of becoming who I […]

What we find…

    What we find is often not what we expect and this is in itself the rub. When we set out on any adventure, we have no guarantees we are heading into anything other than the future, a future playing out on a landscape both foreign and strange, different.  If, as the sign suggests, we are exactly where we need […]

new season, new life

It’s always a pleasure to find oneself challenged isn’t it? (not exactly how you thought I’d open the first post I’ve scribed in a really long time is it?) But here’s the thing, I mean it. Exactly as I wrote it. It’s a late spring evening and I’m sitting outdoors near Green Library on the Stanford campus, about […]

The Equinox Cometh

Time decodes the meaning of yesterday while Entangled tenses loosen their knots. Quarks and leptons, leaping about, create Unexplored pathways whose invitation to make real Ideas contemplate, hesitate, then take. With No matter before it, no enemy to its fruition, Obviously, resistance falters and fades as an Xray would, like film – in an acetone bath. Cheers then for the courage […]

Winter Solstice

December 19, 2013 Winter Solstice   On this, the longest night of the year, I think of the long road each of us travels in our time on this earth, none of us guaranteed the advent of tomorrow, each of us prescribed pains and sorrows as if Life itself were a Great Doctor and our […]

Waiting for Thanksgiving…

This year, Thanksgiving, the holiday, seems to be meandering its way into the world more slowly than any November on record. It seems I awaken everyday thinking to myself that this is Thanksgiving week. It has become so prevalent – this feeling that it is  Thanksgiving – that I’ve decided it really is Thanksgiving, regardless of the calendar date. Now I’m […]

Unthawing and Blossomimg

What an amazing beginning to a really terrific month…with ornamental plum and pear and all manner of blossoming trees revealing their hidden colors, everything awakening from a deep slumber and a welcoming presence of light and heat and wonder at how easily and effortlessly things change. We become so weary sometimes of the same old […]

February, the shortest month…

This short month of February sure has packed a wallop! I am now in the midst of a new life that truly has broken open my old barriers and allows me the freedom to unapologetically enjoy myself and everything in it! Last week, I finished teaching a 6-week course in Breaking Free that affected me […]