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February, the shortest month…

This short month of February sure has packed a wallop! I am now in the midst of a new life that truly has broken open my old barriers and allows me the freedom to unapologetically enjoy myself and everything in it!

Last week, I finished teaching a 6-week course in Breaking Free that affected me more than any class I have created, facilitated, taken, or designed. I LOVE teaching!

I am now creating a new curriculum – an 8-week course titled “How to Succeed in Difficult Conversations”. I cannot even begin to share the profound respect I have for the materials I am reading and the intention of the work this course has: to allow each and all of us to be compassionate and clear in our communications with ourselves, one another, our intimate partners, our siblings, bosses, employees, colleagues, friends, and by whatever name one calls it, God.

If you were to ask me last year at this time what I’d be doing this year at this time, I could not have ventured to guess how much love and appreciation and opportunity I have and am stepping into more and more. The very special people in my life now are as treasured as life-long friends I have known over many years and my wonderful family who has known me since I or they were born.

In the end, it all comes down to love, and every conversation we have has the potential to bring us deeper into understanding who we are and what we are about. My work in the field of Conciousness continues to assure me of the steadfast path I am walking and the beauty of cultivating trust.

As this shortest month of the year winds down and the blossoms burst here in Southern California, all I can say is how happy I am March is almost here because with it comes another opportunity to celebrate Life and the beginning of another new course…

I trust you as I am, are present here in the moment and joyfully expectant of what we may be as we deepen and grow and expand and delight Life with our availability to its blessings.

I took these photos on a run in Runyon Canyon and a drive afterward across the LA Basin to a spa I enjoy for some soaking and steaming and rejuvenating…and yes, I do love ROSS Stores, and not just because we share a name!


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KarenMarch 15th, 2013 at 1:59 am

I’d have to say that Breaking Free is truly the most remarkable class I’ve taken thus far at the center and I look forward to the next class to further enlighten my path. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to grow in new ways.

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