Ross Foti


The sun set bigger than I’d ever seen it set before, as if its light were magnified and its hydrogen more incensed.

Happiness and passion flame the same fire, as does gratitude as today, we collectively acknowledge our blessings.

Although there is much to be aware of these days, there’s an equal measure of what to be awake to.

No one knows the path out of here until we find it, and once finding it, we walk it.

Knights in shining armor have always had a human heart that guided them to victory.

Stories of re-invention and the journey of Campbell’s hero begin with a breakdown leading through an open door.

Gold glimmers in the light, yet true transformation is crafted of bone and sacred earth.

Incense may sweeten the air, but it does not swallow it.

Velvet skies may disappear into darker nights, but mornings awaken them into day.

Identifying with any of it is missing the point of all of it.

No manifest destiny calls us to conquer our world, but to embrace and believe in it, to see it for what it is.

Giving thanks for its capacity to carry and nurture us allows us to see ourselves as part of it.

And it doesn’t end at the end of here.

While our own hero’s journey may bring us to a place of understanding and gratitude,

our gratitude brings us to another door we walk through not knowing what we’ll find.

It is in not knowing what we’ll find that we find what’s truly there,

and what’s been here within us,

all the time.

Happy Thanksgiving from Reverend Ross with peace and light to guide you.

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