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The sun set bigger than I’d ever seen it set before, as if its light were magnified and its hydrogen more incensed. Happiness and passion flame the same fire, as does gratitude as today, we collectively acknowledge our blessings. Although there is much to be aware of these days, there’s an equal measure of what […]

Thoughts on patience

This morning as I walked on the ranch, I noticed a few things. A blue heron and a hawk were hunting. Solitary in their pursuit, to the casual observer each was invisible. The heron could have been a tall stalk of coastal vegetation, the hawk perhaps a burl on a tree limb. I stood for […]

Taking stock between the distance

I was in San Francisco again the past couple of days, after not being there for about 20 years and my, how different I felt. I do not know if it was the City that’s changed or me. Probably both of us. It is sobering to recognize the passage of time and find oneself no […]