Ross Foti

About Reverend Ross’ Courses…

Reverend Ross  creates and facilitates coursework that encourages and assists students into a deeper understanding of their belief structures and behaviors around key topics and disciplines we encounter as human beings throughout our lifetime.

Each course, addressing a different aspect of successful living, share a common purpose: to empower a student to discover your best choices and better understand your relationship with issues and patterns that make up your belief systems.

Each course addresses limitations and liabilities we have taken on and offers processes and activities that being true and lasting change in our life so as to live more aligned with our highest potential.

Here are a few excerpts from testimonials some of Reverend Ross’ students have shared…

“On the more practical side and my best ever – I took the Consciousness of Wealth class 1 and 2. Within two  months of finishing Consciousness of Wealth 2 I purchased a new home.  Something I had dreamed of for many years but never thought I would be able to attain.  This class helped me remove some old blocks I had surrounding money, commitment, and general trust issues.  I walked out of that class confident that I could succeed at anything I put my mind and talents into – I’m still amazed every time I think about. ” – Miselle

“I have been blessed to participate in many of Rev. Ross Foti’s yoga classes, consciousness classes and Science of Mind courses over the past two years.  My life has been transformed!  His recent class on Difficult Conversations rocked my world as I knew it.  I no longer fear speaking my truth in love.  I feel heard, accepted and empowered.  I encourage anyone wanting more joy in their lives to experience the harmony and blessings that come from taking one of Rev. Ross’ classes.” – Elaine

“It is with a grateful heart that I acknowledge the gifts of friendship, insights, music, meditations, classes, yoga practice and love that have so enriched my life. Being open to what is out there in the world and what is within me to discover has continued to expand my consciousness onward and upward. I know that this knowledge has always been there, but your presence and stimulating, thought provoking activities and words have served as a catalyst for me to change and grow at a quicker pace and with an eagerness never before experienced.” – Karen

The following pages include course descriptions and source material. I trust you will find them intriguing and consider inviting me into your community to share the consciousness-expanding work my ministry is dedicated to.